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Before we get too excited about the "eBay Merchant to Sue PayPal" story, something is not quite right with the whole thing. Take a look...

I hope I'm wrong, but I did some digging through the relavant thread and Terrahasher (the merchant supposedly planning to sue PayPal) has claimed to own bitcoin address 13cJyLk1yQiJvQqWsMjT8BXhhjz8TQcMkh that was used in a scammy beg for bitcoin last month, while at the same time saying he owns over 80,000 BTC.
This is the bitcointalk thread where he posted the suing PayPal story. And now:
Exhibit 1: In another thread, Terrahasher is called out for using the same address as a bitcoin begger.
Exhibit 2: The downsized screenshot he responds with, claiming he generated that address the day before. And my mirror here.
Exhibit 3: Google shows that this bitcoin address was also used in two scammy posts made to Cragslist in early Dec '13 asking for donations. Here's a screenshot.
Exhibit 4: This is where Terrahasher claims to have 80K+ BTC in his wallet in another post where he is trying to sell 14BTC. And a screenshot of his post.
Exhibit 5: Take a closer look at his screenshot of what he claims is his wallet. My mirror here. He is claiming to own all that money and still asks for donations down below in his forum sig, as you can see in Exhibit 4.
I rest my case.
I want to believe this story is true as much as any of you, so please prove me wrong.
EDIT: He hasn't given up and has taken his scam to (screenshot), where he says he is a moderator (screenshot).
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