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Sweden’s largest Bitcoin exchange Kapiton.se MIA!

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Kapiton, Swedens first Bitcoin exchangem, open!

Hey guys, decided to create a business specific account to relay this message instead of using my private one. It's long been very difficult to acquire Bitcoin in Sweden. The fees have been high and the waiting times long - mostly because of international bank transfers being so ... crappy. I've decided to do something about it myself and have opened Kapiton. With a Swedish bank account ("bankgiro") and a solid exchange software I'm confident that Bitcoin will gain popularity in Sweden!
PS: If you have nothing better to do I wont mind someone doing some arbitrage. While it's not translated to English just yet it should be straight forward enough.
Best regards,
Sebastian Manitski
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Kapiton exchange update - bitcoin withdrawals now being processed

Thought some might like to know that I received my bitcoin transfer from Kapiton today. It seems that after 6 weeks of silence, they are starting to work though their orders.
Please note that fiat transfers are more delayed - please see this thread for an explanation.
As many thought, this was not a scam, just a guy who was in over his head and struggling to cope. He may not have managed it well but it seems to be getting sorted so now we just need to be patient.
edit: forgot the link
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Just returned back to cryptocurrency after 5 years - Advice needed

hey guys.

I originally invested in cryptocurrency back in 2013, back then i was only 16 years old. The reason i started investing in cryptocurrencies was because of a guy i went to school with, his name was Adam. Adam had a dad working at a hedge fund and he was teaching Adam how to invest in stocks. This of cause peaked my interest as i heard Adam made some nice money when he invested with his dad. I worked a job in the supermarket and made a good salary, but in comparison to what Adam was reeking in, my salary seemed small.
So as you could probably imagine i also wanted in on this. Sadly it was kinda problematic, as in my country there's an age requirement for entering the stock market, i had to be 18 years old or have my parents permission. My parents thought it was a bad idea so i could not invest.
I became obsessed with finding a way to invest in something, i had my salary that would just sit in the bank at a 2% yield. So i started searching for alternative ways of investing and stumbled upon a website suggesting cryptocurrencies as a good alternative, i thought about it for a few months and in the end decided to make my first purchase in bitcoin.
Shortly after i had invested i bought some altcoins in fact i actually went all in with my 3,500 usd i had saved up. As i was a kid i knew nothing about risk management and probably didn't care for what i bought, i most likely just wanted to see it increase in price. My coins of choice were Megacoin, Nexus, Quark and XRP.
The problem is this is when it all starts getting vague. You see not too long after i made my cryptocurrency investment, i got a major head injury from playing Golf. I was playing golf with my family and as my big brother swung his golf club backwards he hit me right in the head, i passed out and was droven to the hospital.
At first when i woke up in the hospital bed i had almost forgotten who i was, everything seemed strangely distant, but after some days or weeks some of my memory came back to me, yet there's like this black hole in my memory, kinda like how it feels when you've been drunk and you don't remember what you did last night, to me it also affected my long term memory so most of the llast half year leading up to the incident was gone. I remembered close to nothing and what i did remember was very vague, it got better over time but still today my memory is filled with black holes. I got diagnosed with TBI. Today i am in fine condition as my TBI luckily wasn't sewere, but there's still things i can't remember and the doctor told me i most likely never will.
The problem here was that i had totally forgotten about my crytocurrencies, i do not even remember why i bought the altcoins i did and didn't even know which websites i had bought them on. I would look at my bank account and see several withdraws amounting up to a total of 3500 usd over a relatively short period of time and had no idea what i had spend the money on, which made me kinda panic. I asked my family if they knew anything and no one could tell me except anything, except for my sister that said i had been talking unusual much about investing. Later on i got some money from the insurance company, yet it was a sorry very small amount compared to my injury, i got what would be equal to 9,850 usd for my brain injury. After some time i forgot about the withdrawals in my bank account and continued on with my life, which was centered around rehabilitation the first year. Today my life is mostly normal even though my memory suffers at times.
But the reason i came here is not so that you can feel sorry for me, i came here because recently i was moving out, and as i cleaned out in my room i stumbled upon a piece of paper with lots of codes written on it and some names for a few websites. After looking into it i discovered it was cryptocurrency coding and suddenly my brain made the connections with the withdraws in my bank.
I gained acces to the most of my accounts but still can't access this exchange named Kapiton, i did some research and found out they had exit scammed. But i got access to my XRP and NXT and were euphoric to see my wallet balance, they had increased exponentially in value, my megacoin had lost almost all their value and so had my Quark. Today i have around 130,000 us dollars to invest.
I have done some research on the cryptocurrency space and came to the conclusion that DAG coins might do well, so i wanted to hear if you'll have any good DAG coin suggestions
I'll check back tomorrow as i got a long day.
16 year old boy in 2013 Got interested in stocks but people below 18 in my country can't invest, so i instead stumbled upon Cryptocurrencies in 2013 and bought some. Had a head injury a few months later, and got diagnosed with TBI resulting in both short and long term memory loss. I had forgotten everything about cryptocurrencies and apparantly told no one about it, only to find an old paper with written code on it 2.5 months ago as i was moving out of my old room.
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Bitcoin on the frontpage of Sweden's Metro newspaper. It's about two people buying BTC and not receiving any.

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Kapiton.se is a scam. Its owner, Sebastian Manitski, has fled with our coins.

No withdrawals in over a month (and the month prior to that withdrawals were very flaky). Fiat withdrawal requests are ignored. BTC withdrawal requests are "processed" (balance decreases) but do not appear on the blockchain.
Five support tickets, each spaced a week apart, the oldest of which is now over three weeks old. No response of any kind.
Gentlemen, we've been robbed.
Shed a tear for me,
PS, also, this: http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1t5pr2/kapiton_10_days_since_last_update_still_no/
and this: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=370044.0
If anybody knows how to file a Swedish police report, let me know.
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Cloudflare: the panopticon of the bitcoin economy.

In a community that prizes decentralization, I'm a bit surprised by the popularity of a single traffic-centralizing service.
A US government agency can, with a single warrantless and self-gagging National Security Letter to cloudflare, intercept the traffic of the following bitcoin exchanges: Mtgox, BTC-E, BitStamp, CampBX, Kapiton, BitMe, and probably others. NSLs are not the only instrument available, but at the moment they're the easiest to use and are subject to zero oversight.
These exchanges have surrendered their SSL keys to cloudflare. Think about that. A single wiretap at the cloudflare HQ can watch everything that goes in or out of the exchange, even under SSL encryption: which bank you wired funds to/from, which bitcoin addresses you used for deposit/withdrawal, who you sent codes to, etc, etc. Then there are the second-order possibilities: correlating activities across exchanges. And it's not just the exchanges: many of the other "big names" in bitcoin are cloudflare sites. Bit-pay, for one.
Granted, points of interface between the bitcoin economy and fiat economy are always going to be subject to some sort of oversight; we know that AML is unavoidable. But having the exchanges keep records is quite different from the authorities being able to effortlessly and unaccountably wiretap all of the exchanges with a single NSL to a single provider. That's too tempting not to abuse.
Am I paranoid or is anybody else concerned about this?
I also think the non-MtGox exchanges are overestimating the value of this DDOS protection, but I'll spell that out in a comment to avoid derailing the discussion.
(*) I know for sure that Kapiton and BitMe (edit: and MtGox) gave up their SSL keys. For the rest, if they haven't, they're "doing it wrong" and aren't getting DDOS protection on the most important part of their site. I find that pretty hard to believe, and if it's true maybe that's news in and of itself.
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Purchasing bitcoins in scandinavia

A shout out to all scandinavians into bitcoins. How did you purchase yours?
I know about bitcoinnoric, but they charge 9% fees and they use Mt. Gox conversion rate (and then some it seems). I plan to gamble a bit on btc-e, so that'll be a 10-20 USD loss in itself in comparison to Mt Gox.
What are my alternatives and your experiences on this matter?
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Korspost för Bitcoin-användare, svensk börs öppnad

Fick uppmaningen att posta hit också, får hoppas att ni inte tycker det är för off-topic.
Sveriges första Bitcoin-börs är i alla fall öppen och jag är mycket optimistisk om Bitcoins framtid i Sverige.
Ursäkta stavfelet i originalets topic. Passar på att svara på eventuella Bitcoin-relaterade frågor!
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Sebastian Manitski, creator of Kapiton, has left us

Sebastian Manitski age 24, died peacefully at home on January 17. He was the sole creator of Sweden's first and largest bitcoin exchange, Kapiton. He passed away after a failed attempt to upload his mind into cyberspace.
Our genius brother and son, who loved mathematics, physics and programming, left us with a lot of questions and an analog self - nonfunctioning for answers.
We are heartbroken and sad. And even though he didn't like to be the center of attention, he managed to put himself there now. The loss is huge.
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Want to leave MtGox? Information on some other exchanges.

bitcoin-24 - Trades mainly in euro. A great exchange for daytraders, 0% fee's and rarely down. For people looking to cash in or cash out this might not be the best choice since there has been reports of very long wait times the last few weeks. It has a pretty nifty statistics & transactions page
Deposit options: giropay, SEPA (eur), Bank wire (USD/PLN/GBP), MtGox code, VouchX code.
Withdraw options: SEPA / INT Wire (EUUSD), Cash/Parcel, Skrill USD, VouchX coupons.
Complete fee list
BTC-E - Speculators paradise, has a lot of different currencies & cryptocurrency markets, fee's are moderate (0.2-0.4%) but some withdrawals incur high fees. Exchange location may be shady (it's an Russian exchange i believe).
Deposit options, Withdraw options
Bitstamp - Trades in USD This seems to be one of the better alternatives if you intend to withdraw or deposit cash. What i have heard there is not long delays when withdrawing or depositing. Fee starts out pretty high though (0.5% for <$500).
Deposit options, Withdrawal options.
BitFloor - Trades in USD. Another great exchange for daytraders. -0.1% fee on limit orders (yes, they pay you). I believe depositing money is pretty easy if you are from US (info), international wire charge a $15 fee. Also possible to deposit through something called "CapitalOne 360 P2P". Deposits are made through ACH.
You will have to provide identification to deposit or withdraw money on this exchange.
Also worth noting is that they got hacked last year and have not yet repaid BTC balances.
Just interested in depositing money in an easy way? Check if any of these exchanges offer a good solution for you: CampBX (US), btcchina (CN), VirtEx (CA), bitcoin.de (DE), bitcurex (PLN), kapiton (SE).
Fuck traditional exchanges, right? bitcoinary, localbitcoins and i believe bitcoin.de (DE) is also not an traditional exchange. ripple?
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Mara Stock, Associate CAPITON @IpemMarket 2017 Cushion Shape Diamond Boursorama - YouTube

Bitcoin är med andra ord en valuta som man kan handla mot dollar, Euro, kronor och andra valutor. En radikal skillnad är att Bitcoin inte utfärdats av ett specifikt lands centralbank utan den är helt oberoende av länder och olika myndigheter. Den man tror skapat Bitcoin heter Satoshi Nakamoto och man misstänker att detta namn också är en pseudonym. Bitcoin kan användas precis som en ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ... Kapiton was a bitcoin currency exchange/trading platform site in Sweden. The exchange operated a market trading between Swedish Kronor and bitcoins. Contents. 1 Adding Funds. 1.1 BTC; 1.2 SEK; 2 Withdrawing Funds. 2.1 BTC; 2.2 SEK; 3 Trading; 4 See Also; 5 References; Adding Funds. Funds deposited with the exchange for escrow towards placing a buy order included the following. BTC. Adding ... Founded in June 2011, it was the China's first bitcoin exchange, and most of its customers are thought to be Chinese. In November 2013, the company had grown to 20 employees. BitSquare Spain n/a Bitcoin Exchange. SurBTC Chile Private SurBTC is a Bitcoin exchange that hopes to be a safe and reliable way for Chileans to access and invest in bitcoin. Bex.io Canada Acquired Bex.io is a Bitcoin ... Bitcoincharts provides real-time SEK price data of the Kapiton exchange including charts, orderbook and more.

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Mara Stock, Associate CAPITON @IpemMarket 2017

CRYPTIPLY Start: 05.01.2017 In this project we provide Refback up to 20% of the contribution Legend : Welcome to Crypiplty - the Most advanced investment companies in the crypto currency industry ... ♦ *DOGETIME – Mineradora de Doge Top* ♦ Hot Hot Hot *Lançada em 13/09/2019* *Bônus de 4 doges minerados ao dia por 30 dias* *Link de Cadastro Abaixo* https:/... A heatbed of a 3D printer needs to be clean and sticky. I use kapton tape to protect my heated bed of my Malyan M200 or a Monoprice mini. Also use glue or ha... CAPITONFUND REVIEW Capiton Fund is an Online Asset Management Company based in Germany which provides you with an incredible opportunity to achieve your ambitious financial goals from anywhere in ... 🔵 Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/louisrossmannliveboardrepair 👉If our educational videos have helped you add revenue to your business, consider a...