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Zcoin Development Update 27 May 2019

Zcoin Development Update 27 May 2019


  • Feature freeze.) Release candidate aim for 7 June 2019.
  • Mints to honor coin control to review and merge
  • Confirm to add two more denominations 0.05 and 25.
    • Significantly brings down both the average and max number of mints needed to fulfill any amount as confirmed through knapsack tests.
    • 0.05 denomination is to make the lowest Sigma spend fee cheaper without tainting spends.
  • HD Mints completed and awaiting review. Allows wallet backups to include mints.
  • Completed Electrum wallet and Electrumx server Sigma support along with update to latest Electrum code. One remaining issue when dealing with re-orgs with Electrum wallet.
  • Conversion tool from Zerocoin mints to Sigma mints to be finalized by this week.
  • To complete chain reorganization regression tests
  • RPC commands for Sigma completed
  • For wallet to prompt for full reindex if upgraded after Sigma has upgraded.
  • For DDoS or inflation protection purposes to enforce consensus limits for Sigma spends
    • Per transaction 35 spends or 500 xzc
    • Per block 50 spends or 600 xzc
  • Features that won’t make it into first mainnet release but will be added on later
    • Batch verification of Sigma spends
    • Showing total amounts of unspent mints in each denomination


  • Exodus is Zcoin’s smart asset token layer that is based off Omni
  • Discussion on implementing Sigma features in Exodus layer allowing smart assets to also have Sigma feature set. This means that tokens can be issued on Zcoin’s blockchain with privacy features
  • To look into ideal OP_return script size limit for this feature.


  • Confirm Chainlocks to be implemented during Znode code upgrade for 51% attack protection. To be worked on after Sigma deployment.
  • To look into Znode creation wizard to simplify process


  • New ccminer release is faster than CryptoDredge with OhGodAPill. Matches T-rex but slower in 20 series Nvidia GPU.
  • To look into changing the way memory is accessed for further speed ups.


  • Research is to keep up to date on improvements in the space and understanding developments in blockchain. Does not necessarily lead to improvements to Zcoin.
  • Review Spartan
  • Review RingCT 3.0
  • Review Sonic
  • Exploring some ideas to scale Lelantus
  • Understanding FloodXMR. Current status is Monero Research Labs is in contact with authors of paper to ascertain accurate costs.
  • Quadratic voting and how it may be applicable to Zcoin governance structures
  • Dynamic Znode collaterals
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ANON Development Update (Feb 26th 2019)

ANON Development Update (Feb 26th 2019)
In the spirit of continued transparency, the ANON community admin and Development teams have begun regularly cadenced conference calls to stay abreast of development news, address questions and share community feedback. This consistent feedback loop aims to provide an aggregate platform for 2-way communication with the community. Meetings will spotlight current development focus, next tasks in queue, technical updates, Q&A, and community feedback.

Notes / Recap January & February 2019 Deliverables, Tasks, Open Issues

What is the current status of the zk-SNARKs vulnerability fix?Significant progress has been made on the zk-SNARKs vulnerability fix and the upgrade is pacing to deliver on schedule prior to the end of March. The majority of the required code has now been incorporated. With many libraries changed, the next week will primarily focus on smoothing out errors in compiling. Once smoothed out, the upgrade will then enter the testing phase. You can read more about our plan to address and timeline here.
Will the vulnerability fix have any impact on the planned blockheight or spork activations scheduled?No, the fix has no impact on activations such as Superblocks go live or Development Fund reward split allocation. However, spork timing may be altered as required by network circumstances. i.e. the reward split change activation was delayed as we worked to get miner configuration corrected.
How is ANON pacing with the development roadmap?The team has over delivered and is pacing ahead of schedule on the development roadmap.
In January the team delivered all components of PHASE 1, and was also able to incorporate SPORKS ahead of schedule. ( a March / PHASE 2 component )
  • Masternode Collateral Change
  • New Reward Block Split
  • Superblocks code
  • Governance Changes
  • Sporks * (delivered ahead of schedule)
PHASE 2 components scheduled for MARCH are on pace with Sporks already completed and Superblock control and distribution ready to go live at block 43800. With the urgency of the zk-SNARKs vulnerability taking precedence — Sapling components have swapped places with Masternode+for the period, essentially pulling the update earlier. This will leave fleshing out what remains of Sapling and Masternode+ for the focus of the two months in PHASE 3.

What were the final results of the Coin Burn?At the end of January 2019, ANON hit the long anticipated blockheight of 37,000. This marked the end of the ANON claim period from BTC and ZCL holdings. Since September 10th 2018 — the following were transmuted into ANON:
5,012,100.034231079 BTC1,733,174.679775752 ZCL-T (transparent)8,633.47816196002 ZCL-Z (shielded)
A grand total of 6,753,908.19216905 ANON were distributed to the holders of Bitcoin and ZClassic. From the ANON blockheight of 37,000 onwards, no further claims may be made. Combined with ANON mined post fork, the total circulating supply of ANON is 7.97M (at the time of writing). The current supply is live on the ANON block explorer.
Since the remaining ANON was left unclaimed, approximately 24 million were forever ‘burned’ (removed).
This leaves ANON’s MAX Supply at 20,228,644. It is important to note that this is the upper potential level, and may not be reached due to further burning of unused Superblock rewards.
7.97M ANON Circulating Supply (at time of writing)20.2M ANON Max Supply (upper limit)
Was the blockchain stoppage on Feb 14th avoidable?No — The Superblock allocation activation at Blockheight # 39420 created some nuance that needed to be adjusted by the miners. This was an unforeseen issue that was not apparent until the Superblock allocation went live. It was promptly identified, clarified, and the chain moved again.
What were the blockchain issues that occurred earlier in the month?Two weeks prior to the Block 37,000 changes, ANON developers released ANON v2.0.0. On the 5th of February, ANON began experiencing blockchain issues. It was observed that after block 37,000, blocks were being mined without issuing payments to Masternodes.
This was an issue the team expected, and were prepared to issue a SPORK (SPORK_8_MASTERNODE_PAYMENT_ENFORCEMENT) to combat this. The function of the spork was to ENFORCE masternode payments, and effectively BAN the miner from the network. Unfortunately, when the ANON core team issued the SPORK, they discovered that nodes on the network were not enforcing the payment check.
To bring the network back to normal operation, ANON v2.1.0 was released, and all relevant groups (such as Exchanges, Wallets, Mining Pools etc.) were advised of the update. In some cases, nodes remained on the wrong chain, and the development team subsequently issued ANON v2.1.1 on the 7th of February. Once the updates were applied and hash put back into the network, the ANON blockchain resumed normal functionality.
Has ANON worked to refine the process for the mining community?Yes — The ANON development team completed work ahead of the Block 41,000 implementation of the development fund reward split activation. As most pools utilize “s-nomp”, the team had issued a pull request on GITHUB to ensure that the transition occurs as seamlessly as possible. The pull request has been merged. The spork activation occurred with network monitoring in place, and the development fund allocation is now live.
What is the status of the Co-Pay Wallet?An updated BETA release is scheduled to release for testing internally next week. The wallet now has full functionality of Z transactions, full node capability and Governance and Masternode visibility tools (not creation). An updated release with full Masternode and Governance controls within the wallet are in scope for a MAAPR release once focus can shift away from the priority zk-SNARKS vulnerability fix. The team is currently working to resolve a user experience issue on Windows where unpacking in a directory path with a space in it is causing problems.
What are the statuses of our existing Exchanges? At the time of writing, Cryptopia have yet to issue a formal statement regarding the path forward towards either re-opening, or releasing ANON held. It is our understanding that the ANON held there remains in their wallet and was not compromised. Recent posts on their socials indicate they are working to clarify solvency and the way forward.
Trade Satoshi has placed the ANON wallet “under maintenance” prior to the coin burn and maintained that the update was in progress with the wallet team for weeks through multiple contacts. After the Zcash exploit came to light we received further clarification that the wallet would now remain closed until the vulnerability was addressed by the ANON team. They were notified that the fix is in progress and our ETA.
IDAX continues to be an exchange available to those wishing to trade ANON. Recently IDAX had published noticed that ANON had been scheduled for delisting. After further discussion the exchange has opted to retain ANON for the time being, but expressed their desire to see increased trading volume.
Safe Trade has has done exceedingly well throughout, updating within hours of new code being released, and keeping the community informed. They are establishing themselves as a very responsive and reputable exchange of choice. Currently, they are maintaining manual deposits of ANON until more is known about the Zcash exploit fixes to be made.
What is the status of the Coinone Exchange Listing?It has been confirmed that the exchange does not currently, nor ever did, have ANON slotted for new listing. Unfortunately, the Coinone listing negotiation was falsified by bad actors. Though diligence was taken to verify sources; the scammers had a convincing and sophisticated network to falsify their credibility. This combined with intentional obfuscation under the guise of a language barrier proved to be a challenge to detect. A total of 1.5 BTC was paid for listing, which is now unrecoverable. Though regrettable — key learnings from this experience have been gleaned and adopted to help navigate future negotiations and further mitigate risk.
Are there plans for additional exchanges?The team has made initial contact and submitted application for a select group of exchanges believed to be adequate for the project’s needs. Some of these suggestions have come directly from the community. As responses are received, we will juxtapose these opportunities with the market conditions and evaluate the best course of action. We want to ensure ANON has the liquidity necessary for trading, accumulation and wider exposure. We also want to ensure care is taken so that the existing exchange volume is augmented and not further partitioned.
Can CoinMarketCap be updated to reflect the correct circulating supply?We have submitted the information and API feeds for CMC to update our supply metrics. However, the closure of Cryptopia and maintenance of Trade Satoshi have presented obstacles for the update to circulating supply to occur. Daily volume on tracked exchanges ( SafeTrade is not tracked at this time ) have been insufficient for CMC to derive meaningful market capitalization.
Furthermore, there is a required minimum of 3 active exchanges to give the price metrics the weight and spread to be a true representation of the market. When exchange liquidity resumes, be it by re-opening or new sources, we will revisit and have updated.
What is the SUPERBLOCK funding mechanism?With the activation at blockheight 39420, 2.5 ANON (5% of the block reward) will not be mined with each block. A larger “Superblock” will generate at the end of each period containing this withheld ANON to be automatically distributed to passing proposals for the cycle ( > 25% absolute YES ). The first Superblock will generate beginning block 43,800. Subsequent superblocks will generate every 4380 blocks (approx. 30 days).
When will Governance control of SUPERBLOCKS go live?Direct governance control of Superblock funding is scheduled to go live after block 43800.
When will the Development Fund portion (10%) of the reward split go live? The development fund reward split activation occurred via Spork at block 41000.
Community Request — Can the ANON Block Explorer be updated to reflect the block finding pool? The ANON Block Explorer API has been updated to reflect the “MINED BY” party. This was a request made by the mining community and relayed to the development team.
Community Request — Can the ANON Block Explorer be updated to reflect the CIRC and MAX supply? This has been completed and can be viewed on the Block Explorer “Status” page.
Community Request — Can the Masternode treasury funding be moved to a public address? The masternode treasury funding is now located on a public wallet:
Community Question - Why was the genesis block so small?At the time of the fork, ANON had switched to a new equihash algorithm that was much harder to find a solution for. Subsequently the developers decreased the difficulty on the genesis block to minimize the time it would take.
Community Question — Was ANON susceptible to the BTCP Hack exploit?ANON was not affected by the issue that caused the BTCP hack. Although our code did present the same vulnerability — it was only actionable during a brief period when the set of airdrop blocks were initially mined. We are well beyond that point in time. The vulnerability was never exploited and it cannot be actioned now. Likewise, our mining of the airdrop UTXO was done internally in a closed circle that did not invite external miners. In the case of BTCP, external miners inserted additional records in the UTXO when the commit went through. We have run a script to analyze ANON’s UTXOs and have confirmed that no additional UTXOs were added.
Will the team implement any measures to address the current hashrate?A proprietary official ANON mining pool is currently in development / testing. More details to come in the near future.
Can the official ANON website be updated / redesigned? A full update to the ANON website has been in progress and will work to incorporate more of our available assets and resources. Anticipated release in early MARCH.
Will the white paper be updated to reflect the many changes since being written? A white paper refresh has been completed and is undergoing additional rounds of edits. Anticipated release in conjunction with the website in early MARCH.
Will there be another ANON bounty program?Current resources are deployed on the vulnerability fix, exchange liquidity and development pathing. If another bounty were to occur it would be when resolution to these issues come into focus.
What is the status of Bounty 2.0 distribution?Bounty 2.0 ended December 30th 2018. Due to the Cryptopia hack, we asked for wallet verification from all participants before sending ANON earned. Delayed distribution began Jan 20th 2019. Verification and distribution will remain an open process through March 30th 2019, allowing participants 10 weeks to follow instructions to confirm details and receive their ANON.
On March 31st 2019 all unverified wallets and unclaimed ANON will be forfeited.
Current Bounty 2.0 Distribution:
  • 61% of all earning wallets have been paid
  • 90% of all ANON earned has been sent
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our social channels.
The ANON Development and Admin teams are also active in open communication within the ANON socials. We encourage all community members to participate, debate and foster dialogue that will continue to propel the project forward. #WeAreANON
ANON Telegram: ANON Discord: ANON Twitter:

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